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Vehicle Records (Master)

Details about a vehicle, boat, aircraft, or other object used to provide a physical mode of transportation. Vehicle records are master records used throughout the software.

Vehicle TypeType of vehicle, eg. car, boat, aicraft.
MakeVehicle make (ex. Nissan, Ford, etc.).
ModelVehicle model (ex. Maxima, F150, etc.).
Model YearA year which is assigned to a vehicle by the manufacturer.
VINA combination of vehicle make and model, derived from Polk's VINA software.
Primary ColorThe primary color of the vehicle.
Secondary ColorThe secondary color of the vehicle.
DoorsNumber of doors on the vehicle.
EnginesA number of engines on an aircraft.
Lookup PicturePicture of the vehicle.
DescriptionDescription of the vehicle.
Registration HistoryList of registration records for this vehicle.
Registration TypeA type of registration plate or license plate of a vehicle.
Registered ToThe party that the vehicle is registered to.
PlateA number on a metal plate fixed to a vehicle. The purpose of a license plate number is to identify uniquely each vehicle in a state.
State IssuedThe state in which the registration was created.
Expire DateThe date on which the registration expires.