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Arrest Records

Arrest records related to the case.

Arrest TypeA code identifying a type of arrest that occurred, e.g. warrant, on view.
Arrest By OfficerThe law enforcement official that made the arrest.
Arrest Date TimeThe date and time of the arrest.
Probable CauseA description of the probable cause for the arrest.
Arrest LocationThe location where the suspect or person was arrested. This could be an address description or other description.
PersonThe subject or person that was arrested.
JuvenileFlag to determine if the person was arrested and charged as a juvenile, otherwise an adult.
Incident NumberThe incident related to this record.
Court OrderThe court order in the case that authorized the arrest.
Assisting Officer(s)List of officers or investigators who assisted in the arrest.
ResistedTrue if a subject resisted arrest; false otherwise.
IntoxicatedTrue if drugs or alcohol were involved in an arrest; false otherwise.
Rights ReadTrue if a person's legal rights (Miranda Rights) were read to a subject during an arrest; false otherwise.
ChargesList of charges for this arrest and their related statutes.
Docket NumberA case number in the court system related to this arrest.
Charges Authorized ByOfficer authorizing the charges.
Agency Authorizing ChargesAgency authorizing the charges.
Arrest DetailsRemarks or details about the arrest.
Booked By OfficerAn official who processes a subject for booking, e.g., takes photographs, fingerprints, enters relevant information into a register.
Booked At OrganizationOrganization where the subject was booked, such as County Jail.
Booking NumberBooking number related to this arrest.
Booking Date TimeThe date and time of the booking.
Location HeldLocation where the subject was held after arrest.
Released On BondWas subject released on bond?
Bond AmountAmount of bond, if any.
Custody TransfersList of custody transfers tracking this subject.
ProceedingsList of court proceedings related to this arrest.
Parent / Gaurdian(s)Name of parents or gaurdians.
Released to Parent / GaurdianWas subject released to a parent/gaurdian?
Parent / Gaurdian NotifiedWere parent/gaurdian notified on arrest?
Notify DateIf yes, when were they notified?
Youth OfficerA youth officer assigned to this subject.
Juvenile HomeThe juvenile home where the subject was released to.
DispositionDateThe date of the arrest disposition.
Arrest DispositionThe type of disposition of the arrest, such as Acquitted, dismissed, felony conviction, juvenile hearing, mistrial, nolle prosequi, etc.
DispositionTextA description of the arrest disposition.
Cases cleared by this arrestList of cases that were cleared by this arrest.
Searching arrest records
  1. Go to SEARCH Menu -> ARREST Menu
  2. Enter your search parameters
  3. Click Search button in the toolbar or hit F5 on your keyboard
  4. Double-click a record in the list to view details
Charge CategoryClassification of the charge.
StatuteA unique identifier of a law, rule, or ordinance within a jurisdiction that a person is accused of violating.
CountsA number of times a person is charged with committing the same crime.
Transfer Date TimeDate and time of the custody transfer.
Transferred FromWhere the person was transferred From.
Transferred ToWhere the person was transferred To.
CommentComment for the transfer.
Proceeding TypeA type of proceeding, such as arraignment, hearing, trial.
Date / TimeA date and time a subject is due to appear in court to answer the charges filed, also called a hearing date.
InvestigatorInvestigator involved with the proceeding.
CourtDetails about a court or a unit of a court responsible for trying justice proceedings.
AttorneyA person admitted to practice law in his or her respective state and authorized to perform both civil and criminal legal functions for clients.
JudgeAn official who hears and decides a case or who rules over a case proceeding.
DescriptionDescription of the proceeding.