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Financial Records, Mortgages, Insurance

Financial records related to the case.

Policy TypeType of policy.
Policy NumberInsurance policy number.
Insurance DescriptionDescription of insurance policy.
Inception DateOrigination date of policy.
Expiration DatePolicy expiration date.
Property CoverageDollar amount insurance policy covers for the property.
Contents CoverageDollar amount insurance policy covers for the contents.
InsuredPartyInsured party.
Insurance CarrierInsurance company.
CaseThe case that this policy is related to.
Type of LossFire, Theft, Flood, etc..
Claim NumberClaim number associated with the incident, if applicable.
Cause of Lossopen text, possibly provided by the adjuster.
Contents LossDollar amount of contents loss.
Property LossDollar amount of property loss.
AdjusterInsurance adjuster.
AgentInsurance agent.
RolesList of persons and organizations that are related to the policy.
Loan TypeThe type of loan, such as 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage, vehicle loan, line of credit.
Loan NumberUnique number identifying the financial obligation.
Loan DescriptionShort description of the financial obligation.
Loan DateBegin date of the financial obligation.
BorrowerThe borrowing party for the financial obligation.
Loan AmountPrinciple amount of the financial obligation.
TermTerm for the financial obligation.
LenderThe financial institution underwriting the financial obligation.
Interest RateThe interest rate for the financial obligation.
Monthly PaymentMonthly payment amount for the financial obligation.
Loan StatusThe status of the loan, eg. current, delinquent, etc.
SubsidizedFlag to determine if the financial obligation is government subsidized.