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Incident Records

Details about a criminal or non-criminal activity that occurred to which a reponse was neccessary, and details about the response by an official unit.

AddressThe address or location in which the incident ocurred.
Request DateTimeA date and time the service call was received by a dispatcher.
Arrival DateTimeA date and time a response unit arrived at the scene designated by a call for service.
Clear DateTimeA time when a response unit cleared or left the scene designated by a call for service.
DispatcherA person who determines the course of action to be taken in response to a call for service and sends out appropriate response units as necessary.
Incident NumberA unique incident number for the incident.
Incident DateTimeDate and time of the incident.This should be the same as the Request or Alarm DateTime.
Incident TypeA code describing a specific kind of incident.
Offense CategoryThe UCR Offense category for the incident, such as ARSON, ROBBERY, MURDER, SIMPLE ASSUALT, RAPE, ETC.
Occupancy TypeNFIRS occupancy type from the dropdown list.
Incident OfficialThe incident official that the investigator spoke with when arriving at the scene.
Total LossThe total value loss of property in the incident.
VictimsNumber of victims.
OffendersNumber of offenders.
Reported ByA person who originates the call or places a call for service to a dispatcher, e.g Reporter of Incident.
Responding AgencyThe law enforcement unit assigned to respond to the service call.
Assist AgencyA law enforcement unit that assists the Assigned Unit or reponding agency in handling a call for service.
DetailsA long description of the incident.
Scene ConditionThe condition of the scene, eg. unaltered, altered, disturbed, or even destroyed.
Secured ByThe law enforcement official who secured the scene.
Entry MethodThe method of entry of the crime scene.
Exit MethodThe method of exit of the crime scene.
Scene DescriptionScene description or Initial observations of the investigator when he/she arrives on the scene.
TemperatureThe temperature in degrees.
Wind SpeedThe wind speed.
DirectionThe direction of the wind.
HumidityThe humidity level.
VisibilityDescription of the visibility conditions.
LightingThe type of lighting available, eg. Natural, Artificial.
PrecipitationDescription of the precipitation, if any.
ConditionsWeather conditions, select from a dropdown.
Date TimeThe date and time the weather information was recorded.