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Statute Codebook

This module provides a central repository for the codes and statutes of the jurisdiction. They can be looked up and used in the arrest module and other parts of the system.

Codebook NameName of the Codebook, such as an ICC codebook or State adopted code book.
Codebook DescriptionDescription of the code book.
SectionsList of sections for this code book.
Section NumberNumber for the section in the code book.
Section NameName for the section in the code book, such as Chaper 1.
StatutesList of statutes in the code book section.
Codebook SectionThe section of the codebook in which this statute resides.
Statute TypeA code identifying a type of statute, e.g., Criminal, Administrative, Procedure, etc.
Statute CodeA code that identifies a criminal offense within a code book. Sometimes referred to as offense code, ordinance number.
Statute NameName or short description of the statute.
Enactment DateA date a statute was enacted and came into effect.
Repeal DateA date a statute was repealed and no longer applied.
SeverityA level of crime a statute applies to, e.g., Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor, Felony.
Statute TextThe full text of a statute or law.