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Statements & Interviews

Record all statements taken relevant to the investigation. Includes written and verbal statements and interviews.

Statement Date/TimeDate and time that the lead was reported.
Taken ByThe law enforcement official who took the information for the statement.
PersonThe party who reported the case lead or information.
Statement TypeThe type of statement made by a person, such as a confession, witness statement, etc.
ReasonThe reason the source is providing the statement on the case, eg. working off charges, working for money, felt guilty, etc.
Statement FormThe form in which the communication was delivered by the source, such as written, verbal, visual, electronic.
DispositionHow the statement was handled, such as referred to another agency, subject arrested, etc.
DetailsDetails of the statement.
QuestionsList of interview questions and answers.
File AttachmentsList of attached files.
QuestionAn interview question.
AnswerThe answer to the interview question.