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Evidence, Lab Analysis, Chain of Custody & Evidence Storage

Details about items legally received by or submitted to an agency for use in ascertaining the truth of a matter. This includes items such as test reports, fingerprints, body parts, etc. and items considered "physical evidence."

Evidence NameA name for the piece of evidence.
Item NumberThe evidence item number
ContainerNumberThe bag or container number of in which the evidence is held.
CaseThe case that this piece of evidence is related to.
Property ItemThe property item that was submitted as evidence.
Collection Date / TimeThe date and time of when the evidence was collected.
Collected ByThe party that collected the eveidence from the scene.
Location CollectedThe location where the evidence was collected.
DispositionA code that identifies what happened to the piece of evidence, eg. Destroyed, In Storage, Returned To Owner.
Storage LocationThe location where this evidence is being stored, for example a locker or storage unit number.
DescripitonDescription of the piece of evidence.
Lab TestsList of tests performed on the piece of evidence.
TransfersList of transfers of custody of the piece of evidence.
ImagesList of photos taken of the piece of evidence, or that are related to the evidence somehow.
File AttachmentsList of attached files.
Lab Exhibit NumberThe lab exhibit number assigned to the piece of evidence, which can be different than the agency's item or exhibit number.
Lab Case NumberThe case number assigned to a piece of evidence when it is tested.
Tested ByThe party that tested the biometric sample, such as a lab.
Tested ByThe party that tested the biometric sample, such as a lab.
Lab Test DateA date and time the biometric sample was tested.
Test MethodA method used to test a biometric sample.
Lab AnalysisAn analysis of a biometric sample.
Transfer Date TimeDate and time of the evidence transfer.
Transfer FromWho the evidence was transferred From.
Transfer ToWho the evidence was transferred To.
CommentComment for the transfer.
Reference NumberA unique number or text that identifies the evidence transfer.