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Report Headers, Footers and Logo

The section at the top of each report is called a "Header". The section at the bottom is called a "Footer". These sections can be customized for each report. The report image can only be added to the Header section. The report logo can be a .gif, .png, .jpg or .tif file format. It is recommended to upload an image no larger than 150px tall. Use a high resolution logo image and test your section customizations by printing some test reports.

Report Sections

How To Change Report Headers, Footers and Logo
  1. Login to the software
  3. Click the Reports button to open Report Administration
  4. Choose a Report is the list
  5. Edit the report header,footer and logo image
  6. Click the Save button to update the selected report OR click Save To All Reports and this information will be saved to each report to quickly update all reports