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Audit Logs

Audit logs display the detailed audit trail for all records and users' actions throughout the software. Record operations, such as CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, and VIEW are turned on by default. These logs give system administrators information regarding: which users, performed what database operations, from which machine(s) on the network. However, these audit logs can be turned ON/OFF within the system settings in system administration.

To view audit logs for a record
Detailed audit logs can be viewed by all users when a record is open.
  1. Open a record
  2. Click the Audit Log icon on the top righthand side of the toolbar
  3. Choose the Audit History tab
To change audit logging
Audit logs will create an audit trail for insert, update, delete and viewing of all records. Logging can be configured to turn logging on and off for certain types of record operations depending on your security audit logging needs.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose the AUDIT_LOGGING setting
  4. Enter True or False to set this setting
  5. Click Save Button