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Employees represent employees of your organization. Some of these employees have a user account to login to the system. Each employee record is linked to a master person record to reduce duplication of data entry.

Adding Employees
  1. Login to the software
  3. Click the My Company button
  4. Click the Employees tab
  5. Click the Add New Button
  6. Enter Employee information, including their system login information
Employment TypeThe type of employment for this instance of the job, Permanant, Short Term, Internship, Part Time, etc.
PersonThe person that holds employment.
SupervisorThe manager that the Employee reports to.
Employee NumberA unique code or number for this Employee in the job.
Job TitleThe employee job title.
Emergency ContactEmergency contact information for the employee.
SignatureThe digital image of the person's signature.
Start DateThe date the Employee was hired.
End DateThe ending date of the employement.
UsernameThe username for the login account.
PasswordThe password for the login account.
Email AddressE-mail address.
Super UserFlag to determine if the user login account is the root admin or superuser account with ALL access to the system. Security groups will be ignored for this user.
DisabledFlag to determine if the user login account is disabled.
VerifiedFlag to determine if the user login account has been verified via email in web based systems.
TrainingLog of training activities that the employee has attended.
CertificationsList of certifications that the employee has attained.
EmployeeThe employee being trained.
Training TypeThe type of training taking place.
LocationThe location where the training takes place.
InstructorThe training instructor.
DescriptionShort description of the training.
Begin DateThe date that the training started.
End DateThe date that the training ended.
Total HrsThe amount of time in hours that the training took.
Credit HoursThe number of credit hours that the employee will receive for the training.
CertificationThe type of certification that the employee has.
Certify DateThe date on which the employee attained the certification.
Renewal DateThe date on which the certification must be renewed.
Certificate NumberA number or text used to uniquely identify a certificate.