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Address Records (Master)

Address records are master records used throughout the software. These address records are connected to many screens, such as people, cases, injuries, etc. Before entering new address records, perform a lookup to make sure that you do not duplicate an existing address record in the database. Master address records are often imported from other systems when the system is first deployed, or you can regularly import or update master address records from other systems using web services, sql server jobs or tsql scripts. Since this is a master record, if you change an address record, it will affect any linked records. For example, you create a case and select an existing master address record in the database. If you find that the street name is mispelled and change it, this will be reflected in any other case reports that are linked to this master address record.

Street #Street number portion of the address.
DirectionStreet direction portion of the address (North, South, East, West).
StreetThe name of the street, intersection, road or highway for the address.
Suite/Apt.The suite or apt. number used at this address.
CityThe City for the address.
StateThe State for the address.
ZipZip code or postal code for the address.
CountryCountry in which the address resides.
Address CodeAlphanumeric identifier for this record.
CountyCounty in which the address resides.
DistrictA geographic area to categorize this address.
LongitudeWEST degree m.mmmm used for geocoding.
LatitudeNORTH degree m.mmmm used for geocoding.
CommentComments or directions for the address.