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Court Orders

Track the issuance and delivery or Court orders related to the case.

Type of Court OrderThe type of court order, such as a warrant, subpoena, order of protection, etc.
Court Order #A number used to track a court order.
Issued For PartyA person to which a court order applies. This can be a Party, the recipient of a Summons or Subpoena, the subject of a Warrant, etc.
StatuteA unique identifier of a law, rule, or ordinance within a jurisdiction that a person is accused of violating.
Issue DateTimeA date a court order was issued by a judicial official.
Issued By PersonIdThe judge that has issued the court order. This could be a visiting judge, so the court and the judge are seperate fields.
Request Date TimeA date a court order was requested.
RequestedByPersonIdA person or organization which requested a court order.
Request ReasonA reason why a court order was requested.
CaseThe case that this court order is related to
CautionaryA caution, warning, or risk advisement given as an alert to an official servicing a court order.
SealedFlag to signify if the court order is a public document or to be sealed between the investigator and the courts.
Condition TextA condition described in a court order that is to be followed by a subject.
Instruction TextA description of inclusions and/or constraints of a court order. Like extradition limitation or whether an arrest or a search warrant may be served at a subject's residence between sunrise and sunset
AddressAn address that the court order should be delivered to.
Delivery RestrictionA restriction or limitation on how a court order can be delivered.
Delivered ByAn official who delivered a court order.
Execution Date TimeA date a court order was delivered or executed.
Recall ReasonA reason a court order was recalled or rescinded.
Recall Date TimeA date a court order was recalled or rescinded.