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K9 Officers

K9 Officer records are used for agencies that have trained arson or bomb dogs. These K9 officers can be used in conjunction with the K9 Examinations for officers within your organization or other K9 officers outside of your agency. Training logs for the K9 officer are stored with the K9 officer record.

K9 NameName of the K9 Officer.
Dates Of ServiceThe begin date and end date when this K9 Officer was active.
K9 OwnerParty that owns the K9.
Date of BirthDate of birth of the K9.
Canine HandlerThe default K9 handler.
PicturePicture for the K9.
TrainingLogsList of training logs for the K9.
View K9 Officers
  1. Go to SEARCH Menu -> CANINE OFFICERS Menu
Canine NameThe K9 officer being trained.
Training DateThe date that the training took place.
RepsNumber of repetitions.
FindsNumber of finds.
Training TypeType of canine training.
Training AidsAids used in the training.
DistractorsDistractors used in the training.
CommentSimple comment.