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Role Records

Persons and organizations that are involved in the case or incident.

PartyThe person or organization involved.
Role TypeThe type of role this person or organization played in relation to this record.
CommentSimple comment.
PersonThe person that sustained the injury or casualty.
Injury Date TimeDate and time of the injury.
Injury TypeThe type of injury or impression/assesment of the injury, such as burn injury, chest pain, poisoning, hypothermia, etc.
JuvenileFlag to indicate that the injured person is a juvenile.
Public Safety OfficialFlag to indicate that the injured person is a public safety official.
Address where the injury ocurredThe address where the injury ocurred.
Description of InjuryA description of the treatment provided.
SeverityThe severity of the injury
Body AreaPrimary area of body injured, e.g head, neck, groin, arms, etc.
Cause of InjuryThe cause of injury, e.g fire, fumes, trapped.
1st Degree BurnsCheck if the victim sustained any 1st degree burns.
2nd Degree BurnsCheck if the victim sustained any 2nd degree burns.
3rd Degree BurnsCheck if the victim sustained any 3rd degree burns.
4th Degree BurnsCheck if the victim sustained any 4th degree burns.
% Body BurnedThe percentage of the body that was burned.
Treatment Date TimeThe date and time of the treatment provided.
Treatment FacilityThe facility that provided treatment for the injury, such as a hospital.
Attending PhysicianThe physician or nurse who gave treatment to the injury.
Transferred FromFacility that the injured person was transferred from.
Transferred ToFacility that the injured person was transferred to.
IncidentThe incident in which the injury is related to.
FatalityLink to the fatality record if the injury resulted in death.
Agency ContactedThe law enforcement that was contacted about the injury, if applicable.
Contacted OnThe date on which law enforcement was contacted about the injury.
Reporting PersonThe person who contacted law enforcement about the injury.
Received ByThe person receiving the information about the injury.
PersonThe person who was identified as the body found.
Cause of DeathThe apparent or suspected cause of death.
Time of DeathThe estimated or actual date and time of the fatality.
JuvenileFlag to indicate that the decedent was a juvenile.
Public Safety OfficialFlag to indicate taht the decedent was a public safety official.
Location of BodyThe location in which the body was found.
Located ByThe party that discovered the body.
Description of FatalityGeneral description about the fatality, body, etc.
Position of BodyPosition of the body when found.
LivorLivor mortis or postmortem lividity signs of death.
RigorRigor mortis signs of death.
AppearanceGeneral appearance of the body.
Animal ActivityIndication of any insect or animal activity affecting the body.
Decomposition TypeDecomposition of the body when found, e.g, putrefaction, adipocere,mummification,skeletonization.
Removed ByThe party that securely removed the body of the victim.
Body TemperatureThe temperature of the body or description of warm, cold or frozen.
Coroner NameThe coroner who did the examination or autopsy.
Coroner AgencyThe agency responsible for the examination or autopsy.
Location of AutopsyLocation where the autopsy was performed, if applicable.
Manner of DeathSuicide, Homocide, Accidental, Natural.
PersonThe person record for the juvenile.
Family TypeThe type of family of the juvenile, such as single parent,foster parent,two parent family, etc.
DispositionDisposition of this juvenile for the incident, such as arrested, handled within dept., referred to treatment program, referred to parent of guardian, etc.
Juvenile Firesetter ProgramCheck if the juvenile was registered to a juvenile firesetter program.
CommentSimple comment.